Hi There! I'm Ian.


I have been many things, and I am many things. I've been studying photography for over a decade, design for almost as long. I've been in the restaurant industry for seven and in craft coffee for five. I'm 100% self-taught, relying on real-world experience and trial and error to guide me over academics and other peoples' ideas.

I am a Photographer. I am a Designer. I am a Drag Performer

I am a Visual Artist. I am a Barista. I am a Business Owner

I am a Writer. I am a Queer Person.


Hi, I'm Ian.


I learned design out of necessity, in a time where the internet was pivoting from websites where you made everything yourself to the current drag-and-drop model. I needed to make content for my gaming blog and nobody would help me so I did it myself. I ended up loving it enough to take some high-school classes and decide I wanted it to be my career. I never finished college but pursued design in the freelance world and have been helping people get their ideas seen since 2015. My specialty is brand-development and content creation. I also use stickers and prints as an outlet for more creative work. The result of this is my studio - Creative Vomit.


I got into the coffee industry on accident; and fell head first into what is now my full time job. I've explored coffee alone but most of my experience is from working a high-volume espresso bar in the heart of Auburn, AL. I learned to love true coffee flavors - dank, dark, smoky, Italian-inspired. I picked the brain of my boss and mentor (Mama Mocha) and absorbed as much as I could about this fascinating world and accidentally bought the coffee shop I worked at. in June 2021 we rechristened the place as Coffee Mafia and now I live and breathe coffee. If you're ever in Auburn come see us on Gay st and have the best coffee you'll ever drink, we'll change your life.


Skittles was born some time my senior year of high school. I'd been exploring makeup and gender through Halloween and eventually developed a persona. The first time I performed in a real bar was March 2016. I did hot-spots and open stages for four years and in 2020 (in the middle of the pandemic) the bar myself and the local performers called home kicked us out. Some of us regrouped and found a new bar to call home and branded ourselves the MizFits. This group of incredible performers have taught me so much and I'm so glad to be on a cast with them and to be able to explore my queer identity in such a fun and visual way.

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