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An active online presence is becoming more and more important for brands and businesses to keep up with, social media being a treasure trove of potential customers and a way to connect with returning ones. However small businesses are usually busy with day-to-day tasks... like running their company! Whether they already have an online footprint, or are trying to build one, social media is quickly becoming a facet in the way a business attracts people, and is often a source for information and marketing.


As a twenty-something I grew up seeing social media leap from online chatrooms to full-blown networks - pre advertisement internet to the ad-centric world we call home now. I've been managing my own online presence and that of my projects/business since 2011 - before most modern media juggernauts existed (hi instagram). I've worked really hard to figure out what these platforms are for and how to best utilize them to spread my voice and work and make connections; I'd like to help you do the same!

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For some businesses, managing their media channels is easy, or they feel they don't need management tools. Another great service I offer is to create original content for your business to post. From food photography to highlighting your businesses services/products, I can help you craft your online image and create content that best suits each platform's usage and purpose. I can also help you deliver content that best reflects your brand and the customers you want/have.


These projects can be per post (you have an event and want media for it, as an example) or continual work between myself and your company to give you regular content for your channels.

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Social Media a foreign language to you? Too busy with day-to-day operations to create a social media strategy? Let me do the heavy lifting for you. I offer over ten years of Facebook experience, nine years with Twitter, six with Instagram, and five with YouTube. I've seen these platforms shift with trends and know how to utilize their purposes and features to best represent the message you want to send. With Media management the day to day posting is out of your hair and you get to focus on the tasks you want to do and not the chore social media can be. Terms are flexible and the management level can be however involved you want me or yourself to be. We'll meet regularly to discuss ideas and the changes and growth in your business to develop a strategy that best suits your needs.

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Let me help you show the online world the best you have to offer. Projects as low as $10 and management tiers as low as $50 a month. For custom plans and inquiries feel free to email me at [email protected]

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