Welcome to the New IanOriol.com

Hi there and welcome to ianoriol.com 2.0! Though a little different from the original site, it serves the same purpose and I believe will be much more user friendly, administrator friendly, and much easier to customize as I progress.


I've been debating moving web hosts for a while now, and while  my old host (webs.com) is a perfectly good business, they could be costly and didn't cater to what I felt I wanted or needed for my website. I'm hoping that WordPress will help me create the website I dream of without costing a fortune. Nothing has drastically changed, and I feel the new website will make me look more professional as well as help my clients gain the information they need, and then hire me with ease! This website is part of my conscious effort to push my personal brand and hope to grab the attention of future clients and get some work to do! Wish me luck, and if you need any design work done hit me up!



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