iogd X Imberli Vontrell

Some of you may know that by day I'm an anxiety-rittled artist; but at night I'm an anxiety-rittled Drag Queen. I frequent the Auburn drag scene and I'm in love with the local queens here, one of which is none other than the radiant Imberli Vontrell. So when she asked me for help with some new photos I was tickled to death.


I heavily emphasize my love for design, but something I don't mention enough is that I've been studying photography since I was in elementary school. It's a long passion of mine and to be able to flex that creative muscle that I've been developing for a decade was invigorating. Imberli also christened my new in-house studio as she was my first client to use it!


Overall I'm super pumped with how the shoot turned out and hope to get Imberli in front of my camera again! Here's some of my favorites from the shoot.


Thank you Imberli for this opportunity! If you need photography work hit me up! I can do studio work, product photography, event photography, and on-site portraits!

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