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I'm super excited to announce that after many months of personal setbacks, weird technical issues, and general figuring our e-commerce - I have finally opened a functional web store that sells my prints and other physical media I create. It isn't much now but I am hoping to pursue this avenue more as we approach 2020, with the hopes that it will inspire work beyond the normal design services I offer.


The store has launched with the line of coffee related prints and stickers and buttons familiar to those who shop at Mama Mochas, where I have been selling prints since last Fall. I'm going to keep some things exclusive to Mama Mochas (like my sticker of the month) but will also be introducing items in here as well.


In other news, I have overhauled my website to tweak some language and elevate my brand. I also have finally ditched the dark background/white text nightmare that has been my web design aesthetic for nearly ten years (RIP dark backgrounds).


Here's to change and to not squinting to read anything on my website

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