INTRODUCING – Color of the Month! (November 2017)

Today I’m tossing an idea to you guys that I’ve been hiding in the back of my head for maybe a year now. As an artist I see and use a lot of color both in every day life and also in my work. Color is very important in design and can have emotional and psychological impact in its uses. Not only do I use a lot of colors, ┬ábut when I find a color I like I save it and keep it for inspiration or use on projects later on. This may seem nerdy but I love colors so much that some of my photos on my camera roll are just solid colors I liked. Every month I’ll whip up a short post about a color I found or think fits the vibe of whatever month it is and share it with you guys!


For the first month I figured I’d explain a color you’re all familiar with – The obnoxious yellow I use in all of my personal branding. Better known as HEX FDF600:

Over the years of my making projects I’ve used mostly dark colors (usually grey), which is easy to work with and accent, in fact a very dark grey is the accent color on this website. However grey doesn’t pop. When you think of an iconic brand a color usually comes to mind. Coca Cola Red, Facebook Blue, Yahoo Purple. For some reason my 2015 brain wanted to use the color yellow. Yellow is NOT an easy color on the eyes. It’s loud, clashing, and for some a very ugly color. For me yellow can be ugly, but it’s also industrial, edgy, and loud — kinda like me! I will admit that it isn’t always easy on the eyes, but I have enjoyed the challenge of using the yellow I have in my branding. I think over the years the color has been a few different shades but almost all of my current yellows are the shade above. In my head I refer to this specific shade as Blaring Yellow (the name of a wig color I own!)


What’s your opinion on yellow? Yay or nay?

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