Color of the Month December 2017

December is here and so is another Color of the Month! While December is certainly a colorful month with all of the holiday decorations (red and green being very loud and notable) I really wanted to highlight a subtle color I associate with winter. Living in Alabama I don’t see much “real” snow, but every other year it gets cold enough that we get some flurries and an inch or so of something that resembles snow. That grey mush color that Southern snow turns, as well as the blank grey sky during snowfall, are the inspiration of my color this month.


I pulled this color out of a photo from the “snow” Alabama received the first week of December this year. Early in the storm the snow is white and clean, but because the ground is too warm it melts easily and becomes a grey slush of ice and water. I personally think of this color more when I’m looking at the sky than at the snow, as when it snows the sky becomes very one color and the ground and sky becomes very close in shades. Light grey is a very utilitarian color but it’s also quiet and powerful, like snow.

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