Color of The Month January 2018

A New year is here and that brings a new wave of marketing tactics, campaigns, and article after article telling you what’s “in and out” in 2018. One of these articles I always see is “The Color of the Year” which is sponsored and announced each year by the paint company Pantone. Pantone operates several color systems in an effort to create cohesive color across all platforms (paint, digital, print, etc). Each year they do research on how people apply color to media, advertising, and beyond to name a color “Color of the Year”, based on actual trends on what colors are being used. Pantone has decided that 2018 is the year of violet, Ultra-Violet actually. Here’s a shot of their website:


For me personally, I have always favored the color purple and consider it one of my favorites. I do hope that purple is a trend this year in design, but ultimately think of color in terms of what is right for the project, not what’s trending. I can’t wait to see what 2018 brings to the table!


Read more about Pantone’s Color of the year HERE.

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