Working with IOGD

iogd order process 4 22 2020

the not so fine print:

  • project timelines are estimates and changes in due dates and end goals may occur
  • projects do not begin until contracts are signed to protect myself and my livelihood
  • projects that extend beyond a single meeting may require a deposit that counts towards final bill
  • projects over two weeks or requiring services of $150.00 or more require a deposit
  • I watermark all concepts and drafts to protect myself; yes people have stolen my work
  • I do not do "free" work or work for "exposure". my time and equipment is expensive
  • message me for collaborations and philanthropic work

as a freelance artist the volume and type of work I do varies greatly, something I'm learning is not to take every project thrown my way just for the portfolio or money; I might not be the artist to help with your project but I have a network of talented friends who might be what you're looking for - this is not a business transaction this is a collaboration and I want to help you create the ideal project not take your money.


Ready to Work with Me?

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